I read an article in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago entitled "Chuck out my old Enid Blytons? It would be like killing an old friend" and like many of the commentors, I can totally relate to it.

For me, it's fiction, new or old. I don't really own many non-fiction books, most of the time I use Google for that stuff, but I love to escape into the pages of a good book.

I agree that modern books are "cheap, disposable, reproduced in large numbers" and if I was to throw out any books, it would be some of these.  When I moved house 4 years ago I donated some books to a local charity shop, but these were stories I didn't like or couldn't get into. I'd let someone else look after those.

But as a collector and seller of vintage books, I totally agree that letting go of these books is hard. I love the smell of old pages, the language, the imagery.

It's more than just the stories inside. I love to think that the books have been passed down through generations and that I'm part of this history. I imagine who has read them before, who has turned the same pages I'm turning decades before. I wonder who wrote the little inscription, and the circumstances in which it was given.

And now that I'm going to be an Auntie, I'm really looking forward to my niece or nephew selecting their favourite bedtime stories for me to read to them, maybe from one of my Enid Blyton books!

Karen x

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