I can't believe it's almost been a week since I made my way down to Manchester for BlytheCon UK!

Despite my apprehension about being on my own and not knowing anyone (as well as my usual social awkwardness!) I had such an amazing time and everyone was so lovely!

This was my first Con with my first Blythe (who's actually named Blythe) so I didn't know what to expect.

I left home at 8am for the train and had a great journey down reading my new "vintage" 007 book and doing my stick-on nails! The views were great and the time flew until I arrived at Manchester Piccadilly 7.5 hours later!

I'd never been on a tram before but it was easy to find from the station and very exciting (for me anyway)!

My tram stop was directly across from my hotel, Ramada Salford Quays. I set about making myself at home (read as: spreading the contents of my suitcase about and watching Pointless) then getting us both ready for the pre-BlytheCon meet-up.

We met at the Double Tree by Hilton and instantly got speaking to people! We made our way to Kro Bar for something to eat and more chatting.  It was a great ice-breaker for the event and I got some really helpful info from people who had been before and Blythe collectors and customisers from lots of different countries! I went home so excited about the next day!

The next morning it was so lovely and sunny that I knew it'd be a great day! When I arrived I got a goody bag with business cards, a magnet, voting forms for the competitions, a name sticker and other event info.

All throughout the day people were coming up to say hi and look at Blythe and show me their dolls and they were really happy to chat and answer my questions. I felt like a bit of a muppet asking so much, but if I don't ask I don't find out eh?!

There were so many wonderful stalls with such a wide range of things including dolls, scalps and hair, clothes, accessories, eye chips and carry bags, so I got Blythe lots of nice new things. She only had her stock outfit and a dress that I'd made, but now she has a full wardrobe! (All the outfit details are available from my Flickr account).

There were also tutorials and I'm gutted that I missed the customisation one but I was still in a "first day at school" trance! I'd seen customised dolls before but hadn't seen such an amazing range of them up close! I thought my Simply Chocolate Blythe would be more common but I never saw another one. I decided I might quite like a custom girl and I got lots of ideas for how I'd like her to look.

I did go to a workshop on making a dress in an hour, but at the speed I was going it would've taken more than that! I was allowed to take the pieces and pattern away to try and finish at home.

The day passed in a flash and after delicious cupcakes and the raffle (I didn't win anything) I went back to my hotel to relax before going to the after-party.

Blythe put on her party dress and we headed back to the Double Tree for a few drinks.  It was a nice relaxed atmosphere but I was shattered so after more chats I called it a night.

The next morning I had two hours to spare before my train so I grabbed a comfy seat and a pot of tea and watched the world go by, blissfully unaware that my train was away to be cancelled! So the journey home wasn't great and I finally got to Aberdeen after the last train home had left, but the nice Station Superviser put me in a taxi at their expense!

I was so glad to get home but I'm still totally buzzing about the event. I'll definitely be going next year to the one in Glasgow and I'd like to go to BlytheCon in New York too. I'm keeping an eye out for my next doll and adding all my new friends on Flickr! If you're a Blythe fan, get in touch! :)

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