It started with a little Christmas tree. Then I thought it might need some lights, and maybe some decorations.

But maybe Blythe's need presents too, and of course they'll need sacks to put them in.

Why stop there?!

I haven't made anything for ages but over the last couple of nights I've been inspired to make Christmas outfits for my Blythe dolls after seeing lots of lovely festive photos that other collector's have taken. And here they are:

I'm quite impressed by my handiwork!

It was only going to be hats originally and I found a great pattern on Puppy52Dolls blog which is really easy to follow.

I made mine out of fake fur and sheets of felt from Hobbycraft which I had leftover from a previous project and they cost less than £1 each. But then I found that each sheet had enough fabric to make a dress as well as a hat!

So I made a really basic pattern by drawing freehand around another dress I had and making a front panel and two back panels which overlap. Remember that because it's felt you don't need to hem it or anything (hurrah!).

I sewed all three sections together at the shoulders and sides, leaving spaces for their arms to go through. I was a bit lazy and didn't bother to attach a fastening to the back, but you could use velcro or poppers or whatever you like to close it all up.  I surprised myself by finding some matching gingham ribbon whilst looking for thread so I wrapped that round the middle instead.

What are your Blythe's wearing this Christmas? Let me see! :)

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