♪ We're all going on a road trip, road trip ♪ was as far as my sleepy head would go when trying to make up a song at 7am on a Saturday morning. I do not like early starts.

But it was all good because I was going to Edinburgh with my friends Leanne, Kate and Rory! Yay!

We filled the car with snacks and headed on our way, making the obligatory stop at The Horn at Errol, which does amazing fried rolls!

We dumped our bags in our rooms at Holiday Inn on Corstorphine Road. The rooms are a bit small but really nice and tidy with super comfy beds and powerful showers, and it was great for the price.

We headed into the city centre and our first stop was the Christmas Market, which I've never seen before.

It was really busy but full of lovely gifts and decorations, as well as plenty of German ale and mulled wine stalls, crepe stands and a funfair and ice rink. Check out my massive pretzel (yum!):

Edinburgh was making me feel very festive with the decorations and the shopping...

 ...and the reindeer!

We had two missions in Edinburgh and the first was going to see The Hobbit. It was the first time I'd been to an IMAX screening and I thought it was ace (the film and the IMAX)! We also got a 9 minute preview of Star Trek: Into Darkness and I definitely want to see that in IMAX 3D too!

On Sunday we completed mission number two: visit Edinburgh Zoo!

I hadn't been for ages and I have vivid childhood memories, not of the animals, but of some wasps buzzing around my orange Calippo forcing me to sulk and throw it in the bin!

One of my favourites was this jaguar. When the sun hit his fur it changed from black to a beautiful chocolate brown/bronze with leopard markings. At one point he came right up to the window and stared right into my eyes for what seemed like ages. I would've taken a photo but I didn't want to move, seeing him so close-up was amazing.

I love the kissing penguins...

...the sunbathing leopard...

...and the monkeeeeeeys! I'll have one of each please.

And of course we had to see Tian Tian (Sweetie) and Yang Guang (Sunshine) the pandas:

You have to book a time to see them and we were very lucky that they were both awake during our visit. The guide tells you all about them and you can ask questions.  I hope we see a baby panda soon!

Aside from the animals there were lots of other things to spot all around:

I was very disappointed that I wouldn't buy a real monkey at the gift shop, but I did buy Squirrel, my new little monkey friend and some ace strawberry filled panda biscuits which remind me of Japan!

Have you been to the zoo lately?  Who's your favourite?

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