This is the latest addition to my collection of Blythe dolls and I've had her for a couple of months and usually a name just springs to mind, but not in her case!

So I'm enlisting your help! I've thought of/had suggested a few names and I've added them to a poll below.

This new girl is going to be a bit slouchy, a wearer of jeans, dungarees, sweaters, Converse, t-shirts, hoodies, that sort of thing. She's pretty chilled out and leaves the dressing up to her sisters.

So what do you think I should name her?


  1. Andy (it could be short for Andrea) she looks like an Andy to me.

  2. Thanks puffypoogle, shortening a name is a good way of giving her a nice long girlie name and a cool nickname!

    I had a look at your blog, I've never seen those Fairy Tales before and they're so cute! I like the fluffy ones best! :)