Over the festive holidays I thought I'd try my hand at knitting again. I'm not a great knitter, I feel more comfortable crocheting, so I thought I'd try this Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend Kit I saw for half price in Accessorize.

As you can see it looks just like the picture! Not really, but I'm pretty chuffed with it! I may have definitely did over-stuff his legs, but I'm passing that off as baggy-ish jeans and Chris Hoy thighs!  I barely made any mistakes and I even added a cool tie which I made from the ribbon off my box of Thorntons chocolates.

The instruction leaflet wasn't that easy to follow so I turned to YouTube for some how-to videos and found it a lot easier.  I've received a few knitting books as gifts now, so I'll definitely be trying to make more proper things!

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