Last week I was invited to Step Back To The 50's, a one-off themed night out in Aberdeen, so how could I say no to some vintage dressing-up, drinking and dancing?!

The venue was a really good choice, The Blue Lamp in Aberdeen has a great atmosphere as soon as you go through the wooden revolving door and suited the theme of the evening.

Most people made a great effort to get dressed up and lots of us got photos taken by Toni from Artemis Imagery, here are a couple of mine:

I was wearing a dress from eBay, some black heeled Mary-Janes and a "pearl" set that I bought in Majorca. I copied my hair from this YouTube tutorial by Cherry Dollface, although you can't see the full effect, I was pretty impressed by my handiwork!

I felt sorry for the boogie woogie dancers, The Marisha Addison Sextet, because their music didn't work on the systems so it fell a bit flat, but it might've helped if they'd had 50's dress rather than vests and denim shorts! The burlesque dancer Gypsy Charms was really good though and everyone gathered round to watch. Oh and the live band were great too!

There were some vintage stalls including Dee-Vine Vintage and Candy Belle Vintiques, and you could make your own vintage bracelet with Bead Pop.

I couldn't resist this pocket watch necklace and bracelet from Copper Leaf Jewellery:

I had a great night and if you're interested in this type of event there is an Annual Burlesque Masquerade Ball in Aberdeen in February!


  1. Oh, how fun! And you look stunning! Sounds like it was a great time. Masquerade sounds fun... wish I could attend!

    xox, amber

  2. Hi Amber! Thanks, it was great fun to get dressed up for a change! x