Recently one of my favourite bloggers, Emily of The Freckled Fox, did her The ABCs Of Me and encouraged her readers to do the same. I think I've attempted one once but never actually finished it, so this time I'm going to do it!

Same thing applies here, if you do one in your blog, leave a comment below with a link in it so I can read it!

Addictions: Creme eggs, slippers, stationery, fluffiness.
Bed size: Currently a single *sad face* but when I move into my new flat, MASSIVE!
Chore you hate: All chores, by definition, are rubbish, but I especially hate ironing.
Dogs or cats: Dogs, any day. I need to feel the love, not the claws!
Essential start of your day: 2 x snooze button, a shower to half wake me up, then baby tea (LOADS of milk and one sugar) to wake the other half up!

Favourite colour: I wear black too much (and it's debateable whether it's really a colour) so I'd say something, berry colour...nope, I love ALL THE COLOURS!
Gold or silver: Silver, it's always been silver.
Height: 5'4"
Instruments you play (or have played): Recorder, guitar, the spoons.
Job titles you've had: Shop assistant, assistant to financial advisers, dry cleaner, papergirl, customer adviser, customer service manager, catering assistant, sales rep of many things, jack of all trades, master of none!

Kids: None.
Live: The Shire, North East Scotland
Mum's name: Agnes
Nickname: The McKess, Kazza K, Kaz, KK, depending on who you speak to!
Overnight hospital stays: Only when taking someone else to A&E and when I was born!

Pet peeve: I could probably sum it all up under the heading "other people's stupidity and/or lack of manners or morals"
Quote from a movie: Waaaay too many to mention, but I'm a sucker for a passionate romantic line
Right or left handed: Right handed
Siblings: An older sister and a younger brother
Time you wake up: This is going to sound a bit bad, but I wake up at 8am, snooze til 8:15am, then get up at 8:25am. In my defence this is enough time to get ready and get to work for 9am cos I only live 5 mins away, and I'm not a morning person!

Underwear: Yes. Always.
Vegetables you dislike: Raw celery
What makes you run late: My own laziness or disinterest in getting where I'm going
X-rays you've had done: Only dental ones
Yummy food you make: Red lentil curry with paprika pittas and muffin pizzas!
Zoo animal: Any kind of tiny little monkey that could live in my pocket.

So that's my list, what's yours?


  1. Yay! That's a good read Billy! I like your underwear experimentation story, although now I'm wondering how many people aren't as courteous as you...#gadz :D

  2. Haha, exactly what I thought! #gadz

  3. Thanks for doing this it made me happy! I really had fun doing it and you never know if when you tell your readers they should try something that they actually do it! haha hope you had fun:)
    xo, Emily

    P.S. you should totally add the google friend connect widget so people can follow and get updates when you do new posts! Let me know if you do so I can follow you:)

  4. Hi Emily, I'm glad you liked it, it was good fun to do!

    I had a bit of a problem adding Google Friend Connect but I've finally figured it out! It's over there, on the right :) x