I haven't been on a mini-adventure for a while, so when my Blythe doll P was ready to collect from her customiser, I thought it'd be a great chance to visit friends and collect her at the same time!

My trip didn't start well. I nearly missed both my trains, the first because I was really tired after seeing Plan B the night before and it was an early start, the second because I had to go shopping for the things I'd forgotten to pack! But I arrived, in one piece, and with everything I needed!

My immediate thought when I got off the train was what a lovely day it was, and what a nice looking place, followed by where do I go from here! Thank goodness for GPS on phones!

I stayed at the Legacy International which worked out cheaper than Travelodge and other similar hotels, plus it got good ratings and looked nice and it was handy for the train and town centre.  I call it a town centre, although it's actually a city, because it has a really nice small town feel.

I quickly dumped my things in my room after a quick look around and went to meet Addie. We know each other through Twitter and our shared love of Blythe dolls. It's always great to meet Twitter people in the flesh and we had a great chat on the way to meet our other friend Cat. I met her briefly at BlytheCon last year after seeing her beautiful red haired girl and I knew she was the one to customise P!

We went to the Mystery Tea House on Cannon Street which just has the most amazing array of teas! It also does food and has some good vegetarian/vegan choices. I went for a nice vegan stew (I can't remember the proper name) and some cherry and rum tea. It's got a really good relaxed atmosphere and we spent hours chatting away.

I cold barely contain my excitement when Cat handed me over the package containing my doll, and when I opened the box I was in awe, she's perfect! She'd transformed from factory doll P into beautiful Paloma! Here's a before and after:

I couldn't stop touching her hair!

At tea-time we all went our separate ways. Cat is getting married soon so she was hen night bound, but Addie and I were hitting the town!

I had been looking forward to using my bath ballistic from Lush so I had a nice long soak in the bath and watched an episode of Firefly on my carefully balanced iPad! Then it was glad-rags on and off I went!

I met up with Addie and we headed to Friargate, which is one of the main centre streets and has lots of pubs on it! We hit Adelphi, O'Neills and Roper Hall, all three were good, regular pubs and were comfortably busy, meaning we got a seat in them all but there were plenty of other people. The drinks were going down well and it was a nice relaxed evening.

Our final stop was a rock pub called Dog and Partridge (Addie's local) and it had a really good atmosphere too with a good mix of people and good tunes. We would've stayed longer but it was time to go home :(

Another great thing about the Legacy hotel is that breakfast is served til 11am on a Sunday and check-out wasn't until noon, so I had a nice relaxing morning including stuffing myself with lots of fuel for the day!

After taking lots more photos of Paloma I headed to Preston's high street, Fishergate, for a look at the shops. They have a nice big YMCA charity shop, with lots of furniture, clothes, books and music, but they also had fancy dress costumes too, which was a bit different!

In St George's Shopping Centre I couldn't resist Krispy Kreme and bought some for the journey home. The best one was the lemon meringue one, so yummy! The hard bit was travelling about 250 miles on train, bus and foot with them all intact! Well, all apart from the strawberry glazed one which had to be eaten!

There's also a shop in there that stocks The Stan Lee Collection of Marvel prints. They're pricey but awesome!

My last stop was Fishergate Shopping Centre, which is just round the corner from the train station.  I treated myself to some awesome new shoes in the sale at Debenhams, I can't believe the Henry Holland ones on the right only cost £13.50! Bargain!

Sad to be leaving so soon, I dragged my suitcase, shopping bags and my sore feet to the station to catch my train home. At least I had nice comfy new shoes to change into!

Have you been to Preston? Is there anything awesome I missed out on?


  1. Oh my goodness, those donuts from Krispy Kreme look beyond delicious!

    And those anchor shoes need to be on my feet! I love them!!

    It looks like a great little adventure! :] Thanks for sharing!

  2. I swear I didn't eat them all myself Lauren! :D

    The shoes are by a company called Mantaray and they are sooo comfy cos of their padded insoles!

    I'm glad you liked it, thanks for looking! :)