Although I was born and bred in the beautiful rural expanses of Aberdeenshire, I bought my first home at the tender age of 21 after moving to and falling for the city of Dundee. I spent a wonderful 8 years there, at first working in a building society, then deciding to change path and go to university.

Before my course was finished, I was offered a job back home and, knowing how hard it would be to find a Web Development role close by, I packed up my car and headed back to my family home, convinced that I'd do the job for 6 months and return to the life I'd built 80 miles away.

That was almost 5 years ago and life moves on. I've moved on. And it's time to find a new home of my own.

I first started looking last year and saw a few places which were nice but none of them were quite right. I'd decided to move to the outskirts of Aberdeen because I would be close enough to work that I wouldn't have to battle rush hour traffic, but also close enough to the city and all that it offers.

Most of the places I viewed were small, property is expensive in Aberdeen and sacrifices had to be made. Then I viewed a certain run down, very dated place and fell in love.

I have a bit of an odd curiosity with abandoned or derelict buildings and this flat was badly in need of modernisation. The elderly gentleman who owned it had moved into a care home and it had been left to gather dust and dead insects ever since, but the 50s kitchen, small conservatory and twin garages were selling points for me. I could see myself entertaining guests at a big table in the sunroom and making a studio out of the second garage. It had everything I needed!

I was gutted when my solicitor called to say it had sold. I had been saving hard and trying every loophole to get the deposit I needed, but someone had beaten me to it. Last time I drove past the flat was being ripped apart and modernised and all the lovely vintage features that I would have kept are now gone forever. I viewed other flats, but knowing I wouldn't find another property I wanted that badly, I gave up.

One of my wishes for 2013 is to get back into it and find a lovely place to call home, and a flat came on the market recently in the exact area I wanted! The area it's in has nice bright flats with huge wardrobes, resident parking, and it's right next to the bus stop and some shops. Perfect!

I viewed it and liked it, and despite it being smaller than I'd hoped, I figured out how I'd use the space. I went back for a second viewing and was still keen so arranged another mortgage appointment. I was so excited last Friday when my bank said I could go ahead and make an offer!

I was surprised when my solicitor called me and, before I had the chance to say anything, she advised me that the property had been sold.

I was disappointed again, although not as much as the first time, because this flat was in a modern development so the others in the block will be pretty similar.

But, on the bright side, now that my bank has given me the go-ahead, I'm ready to find my new home and get my offer in stat! Hopefully I won't be disappointed again!

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