As mentioned in my ♥ This Week's Loves ♥ post last week, I'm on my way to the USA!

Excuse the language, but that's basically what I thought! I'm buying a new flat this year so I was in two minds whether to go, despite having bought my BlytheCon ticket before Christmas.

I knew I should be saving the money for my new flat and people kept saying "there's always next year...".  But that's when I got to thinking, will there be a next year? When I buy a flat will I have money to go to the States? And next year it may not be New York, it could be somewhere more costly to get to and I've always wanted to go to NYC.  I made four wishes for the year and this was one of them so that's when I thought "F**k it, let's go to New York"!

My sister came over for Mother's Day and we started planning! With New York ComicCon tickets going up for sale shortly we knew we had to be quick, but our searches for suitable accommodation within our budget weren't exciting us. We had settled on a place to stay but felt a bit deflated. Until, that is, we were away to book our flights and noticed that our airline did flight and hotel combos. Worth a look, we thought. And boy was it!

Our previous option had been separate flights and a somewhat depressing 3* hotel. Then we saw a deal that we couldn't quite believe. We looked at each other. We double checked it. Then we triple checked it. And after a spell of OMGs and squees, we booked it. And now we're staying in the 5* Waldorf Astoria!

It totally pays to shop around (plus we only had to pay a deposit cos it's a package holiday)!

So now we need ideas! We're there for a week and there's so much to see and do, so we need your help! Where do we need to go? Where are the best places to eat?  What are the best sights to see?


  1. John's Pizzeria in Times Square is an old church that was converted into a pizza place...and I mean c'mon, you're in NYC. You need to get pizza!
    260 West 44th Street
    New York, NY 10036

  2. Mono + Mono
    116 E 4th St, New York

    The best Korean Fried Chicken you'll ever eat, and their collection of fruit infused alcohol is a treat too! This was seriously one of the highlights of my trip to NY!


  3. Awww, I LOVE pizza! That sounds like the place for me! Thanks Patchie! x

  4. Thanks The Lamb! I forgot to mention I'm a veggie, but if their chicken's good then I'm sure the rest of their menu is too! And I'm all about the fruity alcohol, so that's a win! x