Today I start to Live Below The Line, raising awareness of extreme poverty (and some funds for Unicef) by living on no more than £1 of food per day for 5 days.

I'll be blogging every day to let you know how it's going and to share my meals with you, but I thought I'd let you know what I eat in a normal day and the cost for comparison.

Breakfast: A cup of tea with lots of milk and one sugar (8p) and a blackberry yogurt (38p).

Lunch: A cheese sandwich (28p and, yes, cut into squares!), crisps (26p) and chocolate (18p), all washed down with more tea (8p).

Afternoon snack: More tea (8p) and a chocolate biscuit (11p).

Evening meal: Quorn Gruyere Cheese Escalope (£1.25), potato croquettes (8p) and cauliflower (23p), followed by tea (8p) and iced buns (45p).

So there you have it! I spent £3.54 on food that day, and that's about my usual mid-week, but that means I spend 3.5 times the amount that someone in extreme poverty spends on food, and I don't think I eat excessively or expensively!

If you feel that you can spare any sum of money, in any currency, please donate and support me. The funds raised go to help people worldwide, not just in the UK.

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