Right now is a prime example of why I named my blog Tiny Bird Heart.

(For best results, read this very quickly...)

Tonight is my uncle's birthday, tomorrow night is my friend's leaving do and this weekend I'm going down to my flat in Dundee (an 160 mile round trip) to do some work before I find a new tenant.

Tonight I have to go back to the diy shop for the third time with faulty heaters and go elsewhere to buy more heaters.  After that I have to wrap my uncle's present and visit him for some birthday chat, tea and cakes.

Somewhere between now and tomorrow at about 6pm I have to pack my car with a hob, new heaters, my toolbox, painting and cleaning equipment. I also have to pack my usual overstuffed suitcase and remember to put enough items in to make one complete evening outfit, rather than the two or three half outfits I usually take. Oh, and I have to work my usual 9-5.

Then I can relax and enjoy my friend's leaving do, before being very sad and saying goodbye :(

On Saturday I'll get up bright and early to go to Dundee, where I'll paint and clean, go and pick up a new suite and oven and hopefully have it and some new kitchen units and a worktop fitted that day.  I say hopefully, because the joiner isn't replying to our mutual friend so I may be joiner-less. In which case, the whole trip is a waste of time.

If that all goes to plan, I can relax again and enjoy a night out with friends.

Then on Sunday I have to interview possible tenants, get paperwork signed and take a deposit before I hand over keys and make my way back home.

(...and breathe).

A tiny bird's heart beats at approximately 500-600 beats per minute...

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