Tuesday 30th April

Breakfast: 45g of cornflakes with milk and 20g peanuts 19p

Mid-morning: A cup of tea with milk and one sugar 8p

Lunch: Spaghetti with boiled veg and herbs 19p and one cornflake cake 6p

Mid-afternoon: A cup of tea with milk and one sugar 8p

Evening meal: Rice, boiled with a stock cube and veg 11p and a cup of tea 8p

Total: 79p

After yesterday I decided to try eating my meals later in the hope of not feeling as hungry in the evening, and it worked much better. I didn't feel hungry in the evening at all.

And my lunch today tasted really nice! This was based on a meal I used to cook when I first moved to Dundee and was super-skint!

I got some more donations, which means I'm passed the halfway mark! To donate or check my progress, please visit my Live Below The Line page.

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