Wednesday 1st May

Breakfast: 45g of cornflakes with milk and 20g peanuts 19p

Lunch: Spaghetti with boiled veg and ⅓ tin of chopped tomatoes 20p, one cornflake cake 6p and a cup of tea 8p

Evening meal: Baked potato with veg 36p and a cup of tea 8p

Total: 97p

I had a really busy day today, so my eating pattern has been a bit all over the place! A half-day at work and an afternoon dentist appointment meant there were spells when I couldn't eat, but it also meant that my mind was on things other than the hunger.

After some thought, I decided to spend some of the last 48p of my £5 budget on a baked potato. I had planned to cut the one that I ate tonight in half and spread it over two meals, but it was smaller than I remembered. And boy was that potato good! The repetitive menu is starting to get to me, so it was nice to eat something different.

I'm so glad that I've passed the halfway mark and I'm now on the home stretch!

Thanks to everyone who has helped support me so far, I only need £25 to reach my target so I'd be super grateful if you could help me reach it! It's really easy, just visit my Live Below The Line page.

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