Thursday 2nd May

Breakfast: 45g of cornflakes with milk and 20g peanuts 19p

Lunch: Spaghetti with boiled veg and herbs 19p, a cup of tea 8p and a cornflake cake 6p

Mid-afternoon: Cup of tea 8p

Evening meal: Rice, boiled in a stock cube, with veg 11p, a cup of tea 8p and a cornflake cake 6p

Total: 85p

Today has been a struggle. My breakfast was ok, but eating lunch and my evening meal felt like a real chore. I don't even think it's the boiled veg, I think it's the stodge. The spaghetti is pretty dry without a sauce and I barely managed to eat all the rice. I did eat it though, because I knew I had to, there are no alternatives on a budget like this.

On the plus side, I reached my fundraising target thanks to my amazing sponsors! This really brightened my day, and to celebrate I ate my extra cornflake cake!

It's now bedtime and I'm feeling pretty hungry and, to be honest, a bit emotional. The thought of more spaghetti for lunch tomorrow is getting me down, but I'm really looking forward to my baked potato for tea!

Although I've raised what I hoped I'd be able to, don't let that put you off donating! Remember that I am doing this to raise funds to help those who live in extreme poverty every day, not just 5 days. Just visit my Live Below The Line page to help.

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