Friday 3rd May

Breakfast: 45g of cornflakes with milk and 20g peanuts 19p

Lunch: Spaghetti with ⅓ tin of tomatoes and boiled veg 20p

Evening meal: Baked potato with veg 44p, a cup of tea 8p and one cornflake cake 6p

Total: 97p

Today is the final day of Live Below The Line, so I gave up my daytime cups of tea and saved my cornflake cake so I could have a nice big celebratory meal to mark the occasion!

This week I have learned that surviving on £1 of food a day is very difficult for a number of reasons.

For a start, you can't get a lot of food for £1. Even using value ranges in supermarkets, I didn't get a lot of shopping for my money.

As a result, my meals, which started out as tasty, became very repetitive, to the point that my interest in eating actually waned and I felt like I was forcing myself to eat although I didn't want to.

I chose to eat food that I thought would be filling and nutritional. Each meal was based around eating a carbohydrate with vegetables in the hope that it would be tasty and last longer. At the start of the week I felt a bit hungry, as I expected I would be, but as the week continued the hunger worsened especially later in the evening and for the last two days it's been quite bad. Luckily, I can reason with myself that it's only for another day or two, others can't.

I would never have completed this challenge without the support of my friends, family and work colleagues. To those who spurred me on with lovely messages and through donations, you are superstars! Thank you so much! Mentally it's been challenging at times, despite knowing that I'm doing it for a fantastic cause, but you have made each day a lot easier!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about it all! And just in case, one final plug, you can still donate if you like at Live Below The Line. :)

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