It's been almost three weeks since I brought home by tiny furbaby Panda, and he's settling in really well!

He's slowly getting used to being around us humans and we're learning all about him. Guinea pigs naturally run and hide or sit completely still when they're scared, so it takes time to build up their trust. Panda used to sneeze a lot when I first started to hold him, making me very worried that he was ill, but it was just nerves.

There have been a few firsts recently. He had his first bath at the weekend and he really was not a fan! It must be pretty scary first time though, and I tried to comfort him as much as possible, but hopefully he'll understand what's happening next time.

This was taken just after he shook, Mum thinks he looks like Woodstock from Snoopy!

After his bath I towel dried him and he seemed to perk up a bit, even more so when he was getting his hair combed and a blow dry! He was so clean and fluffy afterwards!

As a treat for being so brave, I gave him his first Panda Picnic!

He used to get veggie picnics with him friends in the pet shop, and I wanted to find out what things he liked to eat, so I set out a plate with lettuce, carrot, apple, red pepper and grape (all peeled and deseeded and cut into little pieces) and he liked them all except the pepper.

I went to spy on him a while after he was put back into his cage and caught him running around his cage and jumping over his bowl when he thought no-one was watching! It was so cute and funny, I had to stop myself laughing out loud so I didn't scare him!

Another thing he started doing this week is vibrating! When guinea pigs are happy and relaxed they vibrate and make a noise, just little a cat purring! I'm so glad Panda feels comfortable enough with me to do this and that I've figured out how he likes his back rubbed!

If you'd like to find out more about owning a guinea pig I totally recommend that you check out Jackie's Guinea Piggies, there's loads of info on there.


  1. He is just sooo sweet! :) <3

  2. :D The next challenge is cutting his nails Donny, I'm not looking forward to that! Any tips would be appreciated!

  3. Awwww, so cute! I had a guinea named Frankenstein for almost 7 years and trimming the nails was probably the worst part for both of us. What worked for me was to put him in my lap and give him a big carrot and then put a small towel over him and let him burrow and get cozy. Then, I'd pull each foot out one by one and trim away. If he couldn't see the clippers he was fine. Good luck, and enjoy your new friend!

  4. Thanks so much for the help Ash, I'm kinda dreading it! I've started touching his feet in the hope that he'll get used to that side of it first! I'll definitely try the sneaky approach and distract him with a carrot though!

  5. Oh my gosh! He is the cutest little thing:)
    I have a Russian Dwarf Hamster called Rolo and I also had to build his trust very slowly but it's so worth it once they are used to you!

  6. Thanks Monique! I used to have a Russian Dwarf Hamster too, his name was Smirnoff and he looked just like Rolo, so cute! It definitely takes time, but it's fun getting to know each other! :)