What an awesome week of thrifting I've had!

Can you believe someone was selling this well loved bear? I just had to save him! They sold me this Glo Bug too. I remember me and my sister had some when we were little, but I've no  idea what happened to them. I also bought this vanity case for my Blythe doll clothes as there's far too many for the box they're in just now!

This TARDIS was ridiculously cheap! As soon as I got home I put in new batteries and it works fine, it makes noises and the light flashes, and you can open the doors for different sounds too.

I loved watching Snoopy on TV as a kid, these books are now available in my vintage shop.

It's quite rare to find annuals as old as these in such good condition and I've never seen these titles before. These are also all available in my vintage shop.

Another great Richard Scarry book for my collection! I really love the pictures in these, probably because I remember them from my childhood! The Curious George one is newer than I had originally thought, so it's not quite vintage yet, but the Bambi and Noddy storybooks are for sale in my shop.

I've spent the last few evenings making these jigsaws and although The Muppet Show one is in great condition, the New Avengers one has a few bits missing :(

I got a pop-up book which I thought would be nice to read with my niece when she's older. It has three scenes, each with a little storybook and moving parts.

Finally, my favourite purchase of the week, a 1970s ride-on Fisher Price horse! It needs a little bit of a clean but I love how simple and sturdy Fisher Price toys are so I couldn't resist it!

What great thrifty finds have you made this week?

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