Last Friday was Mum's birthday and I was struggling with ideas for a little something extra to get her.  I thought it would be nice to make something so I scoured my Pinterest boards and saw a few tutorials for painted plant pots. In typical DIY fashion, I decided not to actually follow any of these tutorials, but to make it up as I went along!

So I bought a clay flower pot, masking tape and a paint test pot. I was originally just going to paint the main section but I remembered I had gold spray amongst my crafty stuff and thought I'd use that too.

So first of all I painted the bottom section of the pot using normal emulsion paint from a tester pot. I applied two coats of paint, giving them time to dry in between. There are loads of colours to choose from and they only cost about £1-1.50 each. The colour I wanted was actually on offer too and I used less than half a pot, but you could use any leftover paint you have in the house.

I didn't use the masking tape at this point, I just used the lip of the pot as a guide, but if you'd rather use it, go ahead.

Once the second coat was dry it was time for masking tape.  This was the hardest bit as the pot is round, but I covered the bottom section in newspaper and overlapped it with tape up to the lip. I used newspaper because I knew I was going to be spray painting, but it also means that you're not sticking all the masking tape to the paint you've just applied and lessening the chances of it chipping.

I did a few test sprays on a piece of newspaper so I got used to the flow of the spray then went round the pot in long swift sprays, turning the pot until it was covered.  After the first coat the paint dried silvery gold, so I gave it another coat and it was all gold.

Once dry, remove the tape slowly and carefully so you minimise the chance of removing any paint. If there are any chips, just touch them up with a little bit more paint.

And voila! there's your pot! To mix it up a bit you could paint it diagonally, add stripes, spots, handpainted or stick on decorations, use blackboard paint and write a message or what's in it on the side, loads of things!

I decided to put some tissue paper in the bottom and fill it with nice hair and beauty products, then wrap it in cellophane and ribbon.

What do you think? Have you tried something similar? Send me a link to your handiwork!

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  1. I'm totally diggin' this idea! I'll let you know how mine turns out - yours looks great!