If you follow a blog or two (or much more, like I do!), you'll probably be well aware that Google Reader is no more from 1st July 2013. That's only a week away, so that doesn't leave you long to get organised if you aren't already.

If you're not sure what else to use, check out my post from April handily entitled My Chosen Alternative To Google Reader. It might help.

But f course there are lots of ways you can follow Tiny Bird Heart!

You can sign simply input the blog address to your favourite reader, follow via Bloglovin' or get an email straight to your inbox everytime I post! Easy eh?! All the links are in the sidebar, over there , but if you need any help, just let me know.

Follow on Bloglovin

I also update the status on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ every time I post, so you can follow, like or join my circle (is that what you say? Not sure).

I also use these mediums to show pretty pictures and babble about stuff in general, so that's another good reason to do it. And, for the triple whammy, you use any of these things to get in touch with me! Come and say hi, I'm properly approachable :)

And finally, you can "Join This Site" though Google Friend Connect right there in the sidebar too. GFC isn't going anywhere, not yet at least.

Hope that's been straightforward enough, if not get in touch and I'll give you a helping hand!

PS I'll be doing a lovely giveaway shortly too, so keep your eyes peeled on any of the above  and you'll be the first to get the deets!

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