This item was sent to me for review purposes and what follows are my honest opinions and thoughts on the product.

When I bought my iPad I went with the official Apple Smart Case but, although it covered the screen and worked well as a stand, I didn't feel it offered much protection. I'd just spend hundreds of pounds on this piece of kit, so I wanted to keep my new baby safe!

I then bought a lovely zip case that I spotted in Next sale and my problems were solved. Although they weren't really because it was difficult to get it to stand up at the right angle without taking it out of the case.

So, when I heard about the new 360 PU Leather Case from Everything Tablet, I couldn't wait to try it out! I use my iPad a lot, mainly for emails, social stuff and the internet, but also for work, so I need a case that'll protect it and let me use it in the way I want, but also look professional.

What they say:

"The 360o rotary case is our top of the range protective case for iPad, made from high quality PU leather with a soft microfibre inner lining. This unique design offers full-screen showcasing, easy port access and three different viewing angles.

"This versatile iPad case acts as a complete second screen experience. Whether watching movies and youtube clips or reading news and documents, this is the perfect accessory.

"If you are looking for all-round protection without compromise, look no further than the iPad 360o case."

What I say:

For starters, it looks good. It comes in a range of colours (I chose baby blue), and straight away it feels like a quality product.

The PU leather is thick and the iPad just clicks into the plastic base which fits well and feels sturdy. It has cutout sections which allow the user to access the power button, headphone socket, volume controls, charging port, camera and speaker.

The inside cover is a soft, almost moleskin type fabric which, when closed, put the iPad into sleep mode. There's also an elastic strap which keeps everything snuggly closed.

There are three ridges within the cover which allow you to pick your viewing angle.

I mostly use my iPad in landscape mode, just because I find it easier to view web pages and I like to have my list of emails at the side when I view them.  But, as it says, this product is 360!

It is essentially two parts, joined by a disc, which allows you to rotate the sections and view your iPad in a portrait view.

So, basically, I think this is a great product. It's a cover and stand in one, which doesn't compromise either of those functions. I use my iPad on the move a lot and felt safe shoving it in my handbag with all the other contents.

I can't see any downsides, although I'd point out that in portrait it won't balance on the first position, but it's fine in second and third.  That's not a bad thing, it's just gravity.

This case retails for £29.99, but is currently available for £24.99 at


  1. We just use one like you're pink one but it's green (booooo boys choosing). So far it's served us well but we will be starting to look for a new one soon. I'l definitely keep this in mind. I love the look of it and the colour too x

  2. I know that some have a back to them, but my pink one doesn't, so I was a bit worried about it getting scratched or damaged in my bag! But I just bought it cos it was what was available in the Apple shop, although it was £35. I wish something like this was available at the time cos I would have definitely gone with it instead! x