Panda Amos Starchild is now four months old! He's getting bigger and cuddlier and braver and more vocal!

And we've had a few more firsts since the last Panda Diaries post. He's had his toenails cut for the first time, which wasn't much fun for either of us and in the end my mum had to cuddle him whilst I secretly snipped out of sight!

There's a "mezzanine level" (shelf!) in his cage which he could never reach so I stored this wooden ball toy of his up there which he didn't seem to like. Then, the next morning, I went up to see him and found this:

Turns out he could reach up there all along! So he's killed the hanging ball by chewing through the string, although I have seen him rolling the ball about, biting at the sticks, so at least he's using it! I've not put another wooden chew and a popcorn stick treat up there too, so it's more of a play area.

Panda has also decided he wants to be a parrot. One minute I was getting cuddles, the next he was sitting length-ways on my shoulder with his bum on my neck! Makes feeding him treats a bit more difficult!

He's such a poser! He has no problem with being photographed, so I thought I should try and record him too:

I like the way he moves, it's like he's on a covert operation for nibbles!


  1. hehehe what a little cutie ♥ the video is so adorable, his little run at the end! Definitely a covert nibble operation is ever I saw one.

  2. I know Lottie, he has such a fluffy little duck's bum, it's so cute when he runs! :D

  3. Oh my stars he is the cutest piggy! That video made me laugh :D I wish my piggies were that friendly! One of mine is pure evil in disguise and is trying to take over the world and I'm pretty sure she bullies the other one...who in turn is the most timid little thing x

  4. Aww, your poor piggy! It's funny how they all have different personalities, Panda has started getting more into cuddling, but he's also being more adventurous and jumped off a chair tonight! Luckily I caught him!