It's only been a month since the last Panda Diaries, but so much has happened again!

First of all, Panda has had nose sores. This is actually a common thing in guinea pigs, and despite their love of fruit, that's usually the cause :( The sores don't hurt but it's not pretty and Panda has had to lay off the apples for a wee while til they clear up. I can't deprive him of his favourite fruity treats forever, but I'll save then for special occasions.

Talking of fruit, I tried him out with bananas and they're a definite no!

I've attempted to cut his nails too and for a start he wasn't happy but it seems to be a case of trying to make him comfortable and sneakily cutting them when he's nibbling on a snack! Luckily he has three white feet, which means it's easier to see where to cut, and then I use those as a reference for cutting the black ones.

Last week we were featured in Danielle at Underland To Wonderland's Bloggers With Pets feature. I'm sure Panda would be very pleased at all the lovely comments he gets, he certainly loved getting his photo taken! My camera makes a noise when it's focusing, and as soon as he hears it he stops what he's doing and poses!  He even gave me a sneaky kiss (with his tickly whiskers!)...

Panda has been showing a very adventurous side!  It started with me letting him wander around the outside of his cage, and then sections of the living room floor. He was so cute, happily squeaking away as he wandered about!  Unfortunately he likes the floor so much that he jumped off of a chair, but those kind of shenanigans is exactly why he is supervised and I caught him before he knew it!

I figured that this meant he wasn't stimulated enough, so I bought him a cardboard castle! It has three floors with holes so he climb up and down and a drawbridge. I think he's still a bit little for climbing, but he did have a look around, sticking his head through the windows and nibbling the edges!

I don't really know how successful this will be, but we've started toilet training.  The idea is that when he is out of his cage he has a place that he knows he's allowed to do the toilet so he doesn't panic. It's early days but he has used it a few times and prefers to use it as a mode of transport than being carried, I think he feels safer.

It's been very hot here the last few days and I'm very conscious of keeping him cool. I went up to his room on Friday and found him lying flat and lifeless on his cage floor with his eyes closed. I immediately panicked and made a noise which woke him up, which he seemed very confused at! I honestly thought he was dead as you don't often see guinea pigs with their eyes shut, even when they are sleeping! Turns out he was just resting there because his bed was too warm! Phew!

So on Saturday I decided to take him outside for some cool air and he was very content at sitting in the back garden, chewing the grass, in the shelter of a little cardboard box house I made him!

So that's where we are up to now! Every month his personality grows and especially after the scare I'm very aware of how much I love this cute little guy!


  1. He's adorable! I could never toilet train my last two, who would go everywhere including their bed area, which they'd then lie in... so good luck with that! If you think he's struggling with the heat, try soaking a towel in cold water, ring it out, and place it over the top of his cage. It always helped to cool my guineas and rabbits down. :)

  2. I keep looking back at this post because the photos are just too darn cute! It makes me remember having a G-pig as a kid. They're so funny!
    I'll have to tweet you a photo of the house we made for Bunny and Nike (before she passed away) , its so cool to see someone else does it too and we arent just weird haha.

    Lots of love to you two, hope Panda's little sores clear up soon!

    - Danielle xo

  3. Thanks Louise, that's great advice! That's exactly the same as Panda's toilet habits, so horrible! And then he moans about having to have a bath but he has white hair so it gets all gross!

  4. That house you made was awesome, Danielle! I like the tube on the side, that may be a future modification to Panda's! x