1. Baby George was born this week! I love this little family, they seem so down to earth and sweet, I can't help but be super happy for them!

2. I got my first blog award this week! The lovely Rhiannon at The Sparkly Panda nominated me for The Sunshine Award.

3. I also did my first ever guest post for Amy Marie at Cocktails In Teacups, about the things I'll love and miss about moving away from my folks again! You can read it here. I'd definitely like to do more in the future, but the hardest bit was picking the topic!

4. It was my sister's birthday this week so we had another family get-together. It was such a nice evening, and all the beautiful flowers are out, so I snapped this one in her garden!

5. My feet were roasting with the heat, so I kicked off my heels and did some secret flip-flop wearing at work! Wish I could wear these all the time!

6. I met my friend for lunch at a local Italian and we both ended on a high with Tiramisu!  Yummers!

7. And knowing how skint I am right now, we planned an afternoon of thrifting and craft shopping. But I'll tell you all about that in a post tomorrow :)

8. I caught up with another friend on Sunday and we went to see The Wolverine. Obviously I loved it, as I do with all X-Men movies, but the fact it was set in Japan made it awesome. It brought back lots of lovely memories!

9. I ended my weekend with a bit of a clearout. It feels good to sort through my things for the move! Only 32 days to go! Yippee!


  1. I really want to see Wolverine! It looks so good! You look like you've had a pretty busy week xx

  2. You need to see it Rhiannon, you'll love it! x