Last weekend I met up with my friend Lorna for a day of thrifting around Aberdeen.

We fuelled up with a hearty Italian lunch at Piccolo, mine consisted of a penne bake with spinach and ricotta followed by tiramisu, all very tasty indeed!

Full up and ready to move, we headed to Chapel Street which is where most of the charity shops are, only to find half of them closed.  On a Saturday. Weird eh?!

I bought this Beefeater bear at the Cancer Research UK shop and Lorna named him Boris, after the Mayor of London. I don’t know what it is that makes me want to rehome all the fluffy things, but I want to, so I do it.

We headed to the March Hare Market which is one of the regular craft and vintage events on in the city.

This was our first visit, and it’s all very inviting with bunting and chalkboard signs outside, added to by the allure of Lorna!

There were about 18-20 stalls inside, many that were new to me, although it’s been a wee while since I’ve done a craft fair, and a few I recognised.

My only disappointment was that one of the stands packed up early and I was looking forward to making my way round to her stall!

My favourite stands were Antoinette, and Sheena's fantastic range of unique jewellery, Ginger Pickle, especially this print, and Rocking Stitch, who may manage to get Lorna behind the wheel of a sewing machine!

After the market we headed to another couple of charity shops where I bought some Christmas cards (yes, you read that right!) and this amazing vintage Miffy jigsaw.

I love Miffy and have a bit of a collection, but I told myself I couldn’t keep this one and it’s now in my shop! I have to be harsh and remind myself that saving money for my flat is more important!

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