Can you believe my Panda bear is six months old?! I can't believe how tiny he was when I took him home and how hairy he seemed! That was nothing compared to his hair now!

I can't believe how much he's changed in that short time! He's settled in to his new home really well and is showing a really sweet, but rebellious, personality! He's adventurous, chatty, jumpy, nosey, kissy and still leaps about when he's excited! But if he doesn't want to do something, he'll make sure you know!

I like to keep you up to date and I know Panda has a lot of fans! So here's what has happened since the last Panda Diaries:

Panda's nose sores got worse, then better, but we're off for his first vet appointment tomorrow for a check-up so hopefully they'll confirm that the sores are clearing up.

The toilet training went quite well, Panda now knows to use it when he's not in his cage so it means he can "play out" for longer.  He still likes to be carried down and up stairs in it though!

His long hair was getting discoloured even with regular bathing so he had his first haircut. I'm still not sure if he knows that it happened, he was so good and just sat and ate treats the whole time!

He's now outgrown the basin he used to get baths in, so we've moved them to the bathroom sink.  He still tried to jump out but it actually took less time so is definitely better! As always he loved getting rubbed dry and his Panda Picnic afterwards!

And I've made a few adjustments to his cage which is an ongoing project to see what he prefers.  I've removed lots of the clutter and toys so he can run about more, and also the fluffy cotton wool type bedding he had before because it turns out he thinks that fluff equals toilet! Weirdo!

On the food front, we've now discovered he likes melon!

And we had great fun playing Pea Pacman!

So that's it for another wee while! As always any questions or tips are welcome!


  1. Epp! He's such a cutie! I love how his fur just falls around so punk rockerish x

  2. He behaves like a rockstar sometimes! Lately he's been flipping his food dishes over and spilling his food everywhere! x

  3. SQUEE, this is such a cutie!