This week's outing wasn't the most fruitful of trips, but it turned up one of my favourite finds ever!

This, my friends, is my new Scooby Doo Mystery Machine trolley case! How cool is that?!

Loads of people complimented it as I pulled it around, filling it with more shopping! I love it, and it was such a bargain!

I also found something ace for my new kitchen, but it was quickly confiscated by Mum as she wants to treat me to it as part of my flat-warming gift! I'll show you it in-situ in a few weeks!

I'd just bought this Thelwell jigsaw when the other one sold! I just love their little faces! And I thought of a great crafty idea whilst flicking through the fantastic cartoons in the annuals. Hopefully I'll have time to actually make stuff soon!

The annuals and jigsaw are available in my shop now! I've also extended the 20% off coupon code so you can treat yourself to these or any other wonderfully whimsical item! Just add HAPPYHOME at the checkout and your discount will be applied automatically. Bingo!

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