Last Friday I got the keys to my new home (the one I've been going on and on about to anyone who'll listen)!

After the useless selling agents gave me the wrong keys, I got the right ones and headed to my new flat!

First things first, take a look around:

A bit...erm...retro isn't it?! That's really why I love it!  There's a lot that has to be changed but a lot of features I'd like to keep.

After speaking to the gasman and the electrician and much discussion in general, here's the plan:

The living room will be redecorated after that big white box (some sort of old aircon system) has been removed.  The fireplace (which I actually love) will have to be replaced at some point along with all the heating, but that's a job for next year.

The kitchen will be the big change. It is being completely ripped out, and I'm torn. There are some wonderful pantry cupboards in there and I'm sad to see them go, but it's not possible to replace the rest of it to match. The problem is that there isn't room for all the modern appliances we're used to, and the old lady who owned it before me didn't have a washing machine or fridge freezer it seems, so it suited her nicely. Hopefully we'll be able to preserve the light from the little window inside the pantry. We have an idea of how to do that, but we'll see how it goes!

The bedroom has some wonderful built-in wardrobes, with beautiful handles, and they are there to stay! Apart from that it's just some decoration (after removing another aircon unit).

Finally the bathroom. Obviously there's a lot of mixed patterns in there, but everything functions well apart from the shower so it will be the last room to update.

So that's a little peek around my new home, hope you enjoyed your tour! I'm spending most of my time there just now, and I hope to move in around Saturday the 14th (holy cow that's only 9 days away!).  I'll keep you updated with our progress but all my regular features will be on hold until I get moved in or find some time, whichever comes first! :)


  1. I love it! So looking forward to seeing what you do with the place already x

  2. So exciting..congratulations:)

  3. Nice! It's looking great! :)


  4. Thanks ladies! I can't wait to get moved in!