After a lot of hard work, muscle ache and money spent, 24 days after getting my keys, I moved in! Yay!

It's a really weird feeling because the house isn't finished and I haven't moved all my things in, but the basics are here and I can do all the day-to-day things like sleep, watch telly, get ready for work etc.

The one thing I can't do is eat properly. My kitchen is the one room which isn't liveable yet, but the wall has been rebuilt and plastered and once it's dry I can get painting and things can be put in place! I have a kettle and a microwave and a lovely mummy who feeds me after work before I drive home with a car full of stuff!

My absolute favourite room so far is my bedroom:

This room all came together on Monday, the day I moved! My carpets were fitted during the day and I had picked a very girly one, purple with silver sparkles!

My bed was unboxed and the mattress (which also arrived that day), mattress topper, sheets, duvet and cover were added to make a giant marshmallow bed! I feel like I'm in The Princess And The Pea every time I get in!

I bought the table from a local second hand furniture store during my lunch hour and I think it's perfect for my Miffy lamp to sit on!

The other room that's almost finished is my living room. My lovely friend Karen came over to help me wallpaper and we weren't going home til the job was done! Unfortunately that was about 2am! I love, love, love this wallpaper, I think it's perfectly modern yet vintage, and suits my brown glosswork.

I also totally love my corner sofabed! I have had my eye on this specific model for a few years now, mainly because the pull out section also doubles as a big lounger for...well, lounging really. It's great for my niece and Panda to play on cos of the size and it's wipeability (that's totally a word...I think), and it also means I can have guests to stay over! PJ parties ahoy!

Talking of Panda, he totally loves it here! Just look at that nosey little monkey:

So that's where it's at! Still lots to do, obviously the kitchen, but also wall mounting the tv, adding shelves, a desk, and a coffee table to the living room and the walls need some serious photos and  printage (surely that's a word?). The money pot is empty though, so these things will have to wait a wee while. Unfortunately I've had to buy a new car, and I'm going to New York in two weeks. Not sure I thought this through...

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  1. Congratulations!! Looks like an awesome place:)
    Also, I just love your Miffy lamp!!