When I was 14, Mum asked what I'd like to do for my birthday and I said I'd like to go ice skating with friends. I'd only been skating once before on a school trip years before, but I invited my friends Vicky and Susannah to the local ice rink and spent most of the time slowly circling the edge.

We decided to take a break and get some snacks and this group of slightly older kids went to the jukebox right in front of us. One of the boys caught my eye as he put in his coins and selected this song.

When we went back to the rink the girl of the group skated up to me and asked if I fancied that boy (she'd caught me staring at him!) and I said "Why? Is he your boyfriend?" and she said no, he was just a friend and he'd spotted me too. Cue all sorts of butterflies and teenage excitement!

I stood at the side of the rink and he skated towards me. He stopped with the slickest slide, covering my boots in ice shavings and I almost melted a hole in the ice. We only went out for a short time, but his friends were so cool and we met at the ice rink most weekends where I watched their speed-skating in awe.

Everytime I hear this song is reminds of exactly how I felt that day...

Spin Doctors - Two Princes

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  1. one of my favorite songs!! thank you for posting ... this got my day of to a great start!