Since I began saving for my new house I've had no money to buy new clothes and that's ok. In fact I gave away a whole pile of clothes when I moved because my wardrobe was bursting with items that I hadn't worn in a long time. But during that clearout I also realised that I don't actually like a lot of what I have and thought I'd take a small slice of my December wages to freshen things up.

And where do you go if you want a cheap and cheerful new wardrobe? Primark of course!

I wear jeans and vests a lot, so I was happy to find these pretty sheer tops to wear with them for £6 each. Now I have one to go with pretty much everything!

There were a few £8 dresses reduced to £5 and I contemplated buying one I have already in a larger size for comfort, but I went for something new instead.

I couldn't resist this sweatshirt! It's purple which I love and if that initial isn't a sign then I don't know what is!

Finally my bargain slouchies. I love these and put them on straight away when I got home!  The vest was £1, the super cosy bottoms were £3, the slippers are so soft and were £1, and the top with real functioning mitten shaped pockets was £3.

I'm so impressed with my bargain shopping, what do you think? What's been your best January bargain?


  1. Aww that jumper is just perfect for you K! x

  2. It sure is! I didn't even look at other colours or letters, although I presume they do them! x