This blogpost is well overdue considering the last event was in October, but with tickets going on sale for this year's event on Friday, I figured that it was time to tell you all about BlytheCon!

BlytheCon is a series of annual events for collectors of Blythe dolls to get together and catch up on all things Blythe! Events are held all around the world, with the main ones being UK, US, Europe, Barcelona and Australia.

Last year's UK event was held in Glasgow which was very handy for me! Previously they've been held in Oxford, London and Manchester (that was my first BlytheCon and you can read about it here).

It was held in The Lighthouse which was a brilliant venue. It was so light and airy and the layout made it easy to speak to everyone, I really felt part of the community this time.  A brilliant addition was the band, The Banjo Lounge 4, who got everyone into the swing of it!

This time I brought four girls and they were dressed to impress in the tartan pieces I made for them!

I was sharing a room with my friend Addie and we put together an outfit for the fashion competition. She made this brilliant tiny Arran jumper and it looked great with my mini kilt!

We didn't win unfortunately, and although I didn't win in the raffle either there were so many prizes that most people got something.

Here are some of the awesome dolls which were on display, some of which were for sale:

I came so close to buying some of those beautiful girls!

Other things on the day include tutorials, photo sessions and goody bags, and of course the after party! We got "dolled" up (yip, I did!) and headed out for drinks with other collectors and made new friends which we'll hopefully see again next year!

BlytheCon UK 2014 is taking place in Brighton on October 4th and I'll definitely be there! Tickets go on sale on Friday 14th February but if you'd like to know more either you can visit BlytheConUK or ask me and I'll try to help! Let me know if you plan to attend too!

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