February the 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, it’s also Panda’s birthday and this year was his first! I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I took my tiny little frightened guinea pig home!

We put on a little party and the birthday boy had a great time!

Woody was confused to start with but soon got into the swing of things!

This picture of Woody cracks me up! It's really hard to take a picture of a wriggly baby guinea pig and I deleted so many, but in this one he's like "ok just take your damn picture and let me go play"!

We made bunting and hats and they played in their cardboard castle before they had a piggy picnic of carrots, apples and cucumber on Panda’s new straw mattress.

The mattress has now become a hammock in their cage and they love relaxing on it!

He also got a Disney food mat and some loofah chews, although he’ll share everything with Woody because he's good like that!

It was really good fun to see them figure out the new things and tuck into their treats! I'd love to hear how you celebrate your pets birthdays, I'll need some ideas for next time!


  1. If I had guinea pigs I would totally have them live in a castle. Yours are just the cutest! Look how diddy he is! x

  2. I just luv 'em! Funny considering I never planned to have any, but they're just such good pets! x