At the start of the year I did a post on my wishes for 2014 and one of them was to do more for charity. I'm glad to say that I've making real progress on this in a few ways.


First of all I joined my local community association. I saw a post on Facebook asking for people to volunteer as part of the group in bid to bring more activities to the local community centre and area as a whole.

I went to the first meeting and offered to be the social media and web co-ordinator and that's exactly what I am now! We meet up every month or so and we're making good progress with setting up the committee (which takes longer than you'd expect!) and getting ideas for classes, hobbies and events for everyone in the area.

Secondly I have joined the charity committee at work. It's the 25th anniversary of the centre I work in so we are making a big deal of it including doing a lot for our chosen charity, CLAN Cancer Support. So far we've organised a pancake day bake-off and I've co-ordinated a donation drive and regular bake sales (who doesn't love home baking?!) as well as a full calendar of fundraising for the year ahead.

And finally (for just now!) I had a meeting with CLAN today and I've been accepted as an events volunteer! This means that I'll be helping out at a number of activities, days out and social events throughout the year to help raise funds and awareness of how CLAN can help those who have been affected by cancer.

I think that's pretty good progress! I've really enjoyed everything so far and can't wait to get stuck in to the huge variety of opportunities and activities over the next few months!

Do you volunteer? I'd love to hear from anyone who does!


  1. I've just joined a local volunteer arts group and can't wait to start. Its not for a specific charity, more to bring the arts to the local community. Im so excited, Its a great way to do something out of your comfort zone but without the pressure, plus you're doing something good for people which always feels nice!

  2. That sounds great Hannah, especially because it's something you have a keen interest in! It definitely feels good to help others and meeting new people with a common interest is good too! Good luck!