A couple of weeks ago I told wrote about my Skinny Bird Challenge; a plan to lose a bit of weight and become healthier over the following couple of months, so here's an update!

I meant to post my progress weekly but last Monday my scales broke! Grrr! But I've now got my hands on a different set and I'm ready to go!

Hurrah! Not a bad start at all! That's exactly 2lbs which is a pound a week as planned.  When I got these scales midweek I weighed almost 10st 3lbs, which would have been great, but with my Granny's 80th birthday and being away at the weekend I went a bit off track!

What I've Been Eating:

Salad, a lot of salad! But I love it, so it's not bad! I've been chucking all sorts in there and making some awesome combos. My favourites include feta, couscous, baby plums tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, houmous, falafels and polenta.

I've been making a few recipes from Rosemary Conley's magazines, the best one being Vegetable Pie With Couscous Topping which is really tasty, low in calories and filling.

I also made a dish of pasta with steamed vegetables and stirred in some Philadelphia Light With Chives which was quick and easy.

I've replaced my usual cereal bars with Alpen Light ones, and snacks are now about 100 calories or less, so fruit, nuts, maize crisps like Skips or Quavers, little biscuits or a few squares of plain chocolate, that sort of thing.

What I've Been Doing:

I've been tracking what I eat through My Fitness Pal. I set myself a calorie goal of 1500 a day but found I was eating far too little to start with so I upped my intake, which was quite nice!

Exercise-wise I've been walking quite a bit but I haven't been to any classes or anything yet. The walks vary but I took a stroll in a local wood for about an hour...

...and along the beach for about 3 hours.

Luckily we've had good weather this past wee while!

If you have any good tips or tasty recipes, let me know!