On the first Saturday in May every year, lots of excited geeks all over the world head to their local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day.

For the last three years that's included me, but this year I took along my lovely pal Leanne of Broke In The Big Smoke. I usually arrive just after opening time, but this year I couldn't make it until mid-afternoon so the choice was limited but we still bagged some goodies!

My local comic book shop is Asylum and you can take as many of the comics as you like and all they ask is for a donation of any size to a local animal sanctuary, Cossetted Critters.

I also bought a couple of volumes of My Little Pony and how could I resist a Pick A Plot book called "You Are A Cat In The Zombie Apocalypse"? Impossible!

But that wasn't where the comic goodies ended, oh no, for Leanne had mentioned there were lots of Marvel stuff in Primark. So that's where we headed next...

Bargains of the day were this My Little Pony vest and top in the pyjama section, only £7 for both! I also bought some grey leggings to go with them.

Have I gone a bit OTT on the MLP?

And a little bit of T-U-R-T-L-E POWER! I'm not 100% sure of this Marvel sweater though. I love it, but it makes me look like a little fat potato, but I love it. Maybe it can just be another lounging sweater...like I need more of those!

Did you take part in Free Comic Book Day? Or have you bought any awesome comic clothing that I need to know about?


  1. My boyfriend got quite a few from the Forbidden Planet in Newcastle and then put them all over the kitchen table! He did pick me up a manga version of Les Miserables though which was quite cool .. I'm now quizzing him on if he missed out on the My Little Pony comics though, he's pretending he didn't see any!

    Chloe x

  2. I missed out on Free Comic Books! I am gutted! I have all the same clothes as you! I am loving this whole range from Primark, it's just amazing! x

  3. It's great isn't it?! I could have bought way more but I stopped myself! Shame there doesn't seem to be as much for men though, I had to make a couple of trips before buying Allan a Marvel t-shirt that he'd like x

  4. I missed out on the Les Mis one but I saw it on their Facebook page and wished I'd got it! The My Little Pony ones weren't free unfortunately, but I always like to have a good look around the shop whilst I'm there! x