During a week off work recently I kept one day completely free to do whatever I wanted and it was bliss! It's so rare to have a full day where I can be totally selfish with my time so I thought I'd share it with you!

Here's how it went:

10:00am -  Time to get ready after a lovely long snooze, y'know the ones where you actually naturally wake up and feel good? One of those!

11:00am - Allan dropped me off and I headed to the cinema. I used to go at least one or twice a week and I've been missing it, so I went to see The Second Best Marigold Hotel. I love these films, so uplifting and enlightening.

1:30pm - For my birthday my friends and family gave me vouchers for a much needed Mother-To-Be massage at Pure Spa so I booked myself in and it felt great. The bed was heated and there were extra pillows to make sure I was comfy when laying on my sides. I could have fallen asleep!

3:00pm - Feeling mega relaxed and content, I satisfied a craving by heading to Yo! Sushi for some lunch. Nom!

4:00pm - I've been very good lately and haven't bought much of anything that isn't baby related, so I allowed myself a very small budget for treats. Here's what I bought:

Clockwise: Penguin pyjama case £2, button trinket box £1.50, Shower cap £1.50, floral false nails £1, panda phone cover £1, set of three pairs of panda socks £1, toothbrush holder £4, all from Primark except the trinket box and toothbrush holder which were from BHS. (If you haven't seen my post on how ace BHS's current range is take a look here!

I also got these cute new shoes from Primark for £3! What a great day of bargain hunting!

6:00pm - Starting to feel tired I headed back to the cinema to see The Kingsman. If you haven't seen it, you should see it. No spoilers, but it's ace! Oh, and Colin Firth.

8:00pm - It was time to head home but hang on, I had another food craving. Next thing I know I'm staying classy by eating a delicious Burger King on the bus home!

How does that sound? What would you do with a complete day to yourself?


  1. This sounds perfect! I am gutted I didn't see kingsman now I had tickets but had a panic attack in brighton, I really want to see the second best exotic marigold hotel though as I loved the first one, You got some awesome primark bargains and had a lovely deserved day of pampering too- definitely not jealous ;) xxx

  2. My favourite 'me' days are the ones when I don't have to leave the house or see anyone else & can just curl up with a crochet project and catch up on some iPlayer goodness.

    That said, your day sounds *so* enjoyable and I'm a little bit in love with those Primark pumps!

    - Laura (http://laurawhispering.blogspot.co.uk)