Despite what people say about the size of my pregnant belly, this is not a post about twins! We're still waiting for Bumpy to arrive!

Allan and I have a problem. We can't go to a pet store without looking at the animals, and we can't avoid going to pet stores because we have animals! And everytime we go, Allan tries to persuade me to get more pets, and I have to be the sensible one and say no!

But our last trip was different. Panda had became unwell and we were told he may have a brain tumour, which broke our hearts. And if the worst happened it would have left Woody as the only guinea pig and he'd be lost without his pal. (Luckily, Panda has since been treated and is on the mend).

So when we got to Pets At Home, Allan used his persuasive powers (he didn't have to try very hard!) and within the blink of an eye we were bonding with some furry little cuties!

So here they are, introducing Napoleon and Pedro!

We've only had them a few days and they've bonded so well with the other piggies!

Napoleon (the ginger and white one) is super-fast and cheeky just like Woody was when he was little! Pedro is tiny and quiet and gives great sad eyes!

So this is our brood (left-right: Panda, Pedro, Napoleon and Woody)! Now I'm putting my foot down! No more piggies, ok?! (Unless we get more space...)


  1. Danielle Eskdale17 April 2015 at 10:35

    So sorry to hear about Panda, I hope that that is just the worst case scenario and he stays with you guys for a while longer.
    Love the look of them all together, how cute is small! Jake and I are the same with looking at animals, however he's the one who is very good at saying 'no'! haha

    Lots of babies in the house this year for you! Lovely though :) xo

  2. Thanks Danielle, the vet says he should be fine but he'll never be 100% again. He's a little bit wonky and walks leaning to one side now, but he's not in any pain and he's always been a grumpy old man, so it kind of suits him!

    You forget how small they are when they're little until you see them next to full grown ones! But they grow up quick, just like the baby will! x