It turns out that since having Sorsha I may have become a baby bore! Looking back over my photos since her birth a month ago, they are 99% her! But hey, that's what happens when you have a baby, right?! So here are some baby and non-baby related things I've loved this month:

1. The first one is easy - Getting to know Sorsha and watching her change every day. I'm amazed at how much she has changed in a month, not just in size but how much she has learned. It's great to watch her take everything in and her little smile makes me so happy!

2. It's not all sunshine and rainbows though, and feeding is tiring and monotonous at times. That's where Grimm is my saviour! I'm on season 3 at the moment and don't have a lot left before I have to find something new, so suggestions are welcome!

3. Getting my nails done is such a simple pleasure but one I missed during pregnancy so I decided to treat myself to glittery gel nails and toenails. So pretty!

4. Months ago we arranged our first non-baby date, not realising that Sorsha would be almost 2 weeks late and it'd come around quicker than we thought! We went to see Wicked at His Majesty's Theatre and it was just as wonderful as I thought it'd be!

5. Although that date was great, I really love spending time just us three. I'm quite selfish with my new family and have really enjoyed living in a bubble but Allan will have to go back to work soon and I think I'll find that quite tough.

6. A couple of weeks ago we lost one of our furry family and it was horrible. Remembering Panda still makes me sad but it makes me happy to think of all the fun times we had together. We buried him next to another well-loved family pet and I like to think they're playing together and watching out for each other.

7. Although I wasn't as into this season as the previous ones, Rupaul's Drag Race final went exactly how I wanted it to! I was #TeamViolet after what Ginger said about her and Pearl in the previous episode, and they handled it really well. I think Violet represents a modern side of drag and has great style and creativity.

8. I haven't been for years, but to shelter from the rain we had a day out to the Winter Gardens in Aberdeen. It's such a lovely, tranquil place to be with such pretty flowers and cosy heat it's ideal for miserable or good weather!

9. It was my Mum's birthday yesterday so we all headed to Stonehaven for a family day out. The weather was changeable but we enjoyed a picnic (under the shelter of umbrellas in the quick rain showers!) and a walk along the beach and harbour, eating ice cream, feeding ducks and building sandcastles. It was a really lovely day together!


  1. You're perfectly justified being a "baby bore", Sorsha is gorgeous and I can't wait to meet her! x

  2. I love Grimm! I loaded my Kindle up with about 80 books before the birth - it was four weeks before I could tear my eyes off Matilda long enough to read anything but I'm SO glad now that I did; I spend so much time with one arm around the baby and the Kindle in my free hand.

    It's lovely you've had so much time together as a family - we had three full weeks and Steve has taken every Wednesday off until early July but it's not really enough.