While I was pregnant I reached a point which I'm pretty sure all mothers-to-be do, my clothes were becoming a bit too snug, too short to cover my bump or just plain unflattering. At that point Allan and I took the wardrobe of wonderful clothes that I'd built up and packed it all away into vacuum storage bags.

Recently I opened up all those bags and realised something. The clothes that I'd loved and felt sad about storing away may never fit me again. My shape has changed, and I know it's only been 7 weeks since I gave birth and it'll change some more, but my tastes have also changed.

The first bag I had opened was full of dresses. It was a lovely warm summer's day and I wanted to wear a pretty, floaty dress. I tried on a few before finding one that fit and it felt great to wear it. Then I spent all day pulling at the hem because I felt it was too short now, the belly I currently have was causing it to ride up and I didn't feel comfortable.

So, while I have the motivation, I have pulled out my whole wardrobe, sorted it, and I'm having my first Instagram sale!  I love these sales and I've bought some awesome things from some awesome ladies.

To join in just follow my sale account, tinybirdsells. If you find something(s) you like just comment with your Paypal email address. Items will be sold on a first come first served basis, but a second chance will be given to the next person if the original changes their mind or doesn't pay within 24 hours. There's a flat rate fee of £3 for UK postage and packaging no matter how many items you buy!

I'll be listing items from today and there's a lot to sell so I hope something catches your eye!

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