After my laptop breaking I'm playing catchup, so here goes...

1. Sorsha's first trip to the cinema. Being a big fan of movies I always knew I'd like to take Sorsha to Cinebabies at Cineworld and it was great for both of us! I even blogged about it here.

2. We also had Sorsha's first swimming lesson. We joined a local group called Turtle Tots and there were a few tears but she did really well. How cute is her little watermelon costume?!

3. I love ASDA's summer range of veggie food. Having been a vegetarian for 24 years I've become bored of most of the usual options, so it's always good when you find something completely different. The meat-free bbq pulled pork and mac 'n' cheese donut burgers were delicious!

4. After Panda died I distanced myself from the other guinea pigs a bit. I know it's because I was afraid of anything happening to them too but I've been spending more time with them. I love how Napoleon is behaving like Panda, giving me a kiss when I put food in the cage and generally keeping the others in check!

5. I'm getting a bit annoyed with my hair so I mixed it up a little by using my wand to add curls. Although it doesn't look as impressive in this photo I was really glad of the change and loved how it looked.

6. My baby weight continued to frustrate me so as well as having a wardrobe clearout I've been going on regular walks with Sorsha. It's really helping my fitness level and there are some really beautiful and peaceful places in my area.

7. I've also been cooking lots of healthier meals, mainly using the Hairy Dieters cook book. The recipes have been much tastier than I expected, check out some of the results in my Instagram feed.

8. We've had such mixed weather recently, so we took the opportunity on a recent sunny day to have Sorsha's first proper day at the beach. Last time she slept through it, but this time she could look around and she even felt the sand between her tiny toes!

9. I'm always very critical of pictures of myself but this photo which Allan took and tinkered with is one of my faves!

Have a happy week everyone!

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