Ever wondered where that mischievous moggy of yours disappears to? Wonder no more!

We have three cats and they are all little adventurers. Jack will disappear for days on end and, despite speaking to neighbours, no-one actually knows where on earth he goes.  He's the uncontrollable wildcat of the gang, and we just have to leave him to it! Sebastien and Beau stay closer to home, you can usually spot them sunbathing or hunting in or around the back garden. But sometimes you can't spot them and that worried feeling begins to creep in.

That's why I'm so glad I found out about Tabcat! It's a little device that you attach to your cat's collar and then, using a handheld tracker, you can hunt the hunters! Sebastien and I decided to test it out.

First of all you remove the battery tags, place a tag next to the handset and press a button to link them up.  Simple! Then pop on one of the splashproof covers and attach it to your cat's collar. This may be less simple, depending on the wriggliness of your furry friend!

On the first test I knew where he was, in his usual place, napping on my bed. I went out into the garden and pressed the button to track to his collar (you can set up four collars using one handset).

But hang on, the signal was already showing red, then amber and the beeping was getting closer together...

...and there he was! Completely missing the point of the exercise, he'd come to find me!

For the next test, I waited until I had no idea where he was. The range is up to 122 metres with nothing in the way so I headed out to the garden again where there was more chance of a clear shot but the tracker couldn't find anything. I went into the house and the red light came on and the beeping started. Walking through the house I got the strongest signals beside the front door so headed through the porch and into the front garden. It was clear he was close but I couldn't spot him...

...because he was hiding! Staring right at me from the long grass!

I had great fun using the Tabcat! It's a really nice design and the tag didn't seem to bother Sebastien at all, it's so light he didn't really seem to notice! It's simple to set up and use and saves you worrying if they don't come home when they usually do. You can also use it to train your cats to come home as the tag beeps when you search for them, so you can associate the sound with treats and get them to do all the running!

What do you think? Would you give the Tabcat a try?

This post was written in conjunction with Tabcat.

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