I must admit that I struggle to come up with breakfast ideas for Sorsha. Most of the time I could live on toast or whatever cereal there is in the cupboard, but I feel I have to make a better effort to introduce new and varied choices for her. I try not to spoil her with sweet treats either, most days she has cereal, yogurt, fruit, that kind of thing, but at the weekends I try to make it a bit more exciting with waffles or pancakes. That's where Jim Jams hazelnut chocolate spread comes in!

jim jams hazelnut chocolate spread on toast

Jim Jams' range of jams and spreads came from the same place, a parent's desire to give their children a tasty treat without all the added sugar. Not only has it less sugar but also reduced fat cocoa, so it's better for kids, diabetics, low-calorie diets and it's gluten-free.

jim jams hazelnut chocolate spread and toast

But what about the taste? Well I can tell you it is delicious and very moreish! Allan and Sorsha both loved it too so it gets a definite thumbs up from this household!

This post was written in collaboration with Jim Jams

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