Who doesn't like pizza? Everyone has their favourite toppings (don't get me started on the pineapple on pizza debate!) and a favourite takeaway which makes it just the way you like it. One place I had never tried but heard great things about was Papa John's and recently they got in touch and asked me to try them out!

Papa John's has two takeaways in Aberdeen, one on Great Northern Road and one on Holburn Street, so I popped into the latter and picked up our tea then we headed to Duthie Park to munch our pizza picnic!

Allan ordered a side of hot buffalo wings for starter. You get six wings in there and he said they were really hot but delicious!

I dug straight into my pizza, The Greek (feta cheese, red onion, fresh tomatoes, black olives, sliced pepperoncini, mozzarella and oregano). I was a bit surprised that the Greek was spicy but that's totally my fault for not reading the menu properly! I'm not a big fan of anything too spicy so I picked those peppers off! Papa John's has a two spice rating - one chilli means it's hot and two chillis means very hot - and I'd say one chilli was too hot for me! Allan on the other hand loves really spicy food and thought both pizzas were hot but in a good way!

Allan went for the Piri Piri Chicken pizza (Roquito® chilli pepper sauce, double piri-piri chicken, baby Portobello mushrooms and double red pepper). The first thing he said was that the pizza tasted really fresh. He could taste how freshly baked and non-greasy the base was and how tangy the tomato sauce was, but he was disappointed with the lack of chicken on his pizza, especially as it was meant to be double chicken.

For me the highlight was the dessert, cinnamon knots! Anything warm and sweet with cinnamon is a winner and these were no exception! Again they were really fresh and finished off our meal perfectly.

Have you been to Papa John's before?  What did you think?

This post was written in collaboration with Papa John's Pizza

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