Halloween is such a great time of year. It's the perfect mix of fun and scary, and now we have the girls I love seeing them dress up and party!

I haven't done a post like this in such a long time, and because this is a Halloween one I asked Denise of The Life Of Dee to tag me in!

1. What’s your favourite non scary Halloween film?

The girls and I love the Hotel Transylvania films, but for adults I'd choose Shaun Of The Dead or Beetlejuice.

2. And your favourite scary film to watch is?

I love all the older ones like Halloween, Psycho, A Nightmare On Elm Street and IT. I stopped watching "scary" movies because they all became a bit similar.

I remember being so excited for my birthday one year when I was little that I went downstairs to watch the tv in the middle of the night. I ended up watching a film which ensured I didn't sleep. That film was Carrie and I still vividly remember that hand at the end.

3. Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Since moving to the country we don't get any guisers (trick or treaters), all we really do is go to the school Halloween party. Before that we had our own party at home with a few of their friends. We do carve pumpkins every year and put a few decorations up but that's about it!

4. What is your favorite season of American Horror Story?

I haven't seen it! It's on my "to watch" list though.

5.  Favourite thing about Halloween?

I just love the fact that we celebrate it! I think it really brings out the creativity in people whether it's through decorations, costumes, or pumpkin carving.

6.  What Halloween costume will you or your children be wearing this year?

Last year I won the school's best adult costume, but this year Allan is going to beat me! He's made a fantastic Trojan Warrior costume from scratch and he's so proud of it.

I'm undecided between a harlequin (can't be too creepy for a school party!), a skeleton and Maleficent. I like to make my costume but haven't started yet and I'm not sure the dress I'm basing my harlequin around actually fits!

The girls have chosen their own outfits, a black cat and a witch. We always pick up the sale items after Halloween or go to charity shops to make us more organised for the following year.

7.  Has anything spooky ever happened to you?

When I was younger I heard a man's voice a couple of times, just one unclear word, right next to me, but nothing conclusive!

8.  Who is your favorite fictional serial killer?

John Doe from Seven. At least he had a bit of flair!

9. What’s on your Halloween playlist?

I love Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me and Monster Mash, and of course the theme to Ghostbusters! It's about time artists started bringing out new Halloween songs each year, just like they do with Christmas tunes!

10. Do you hide behind a cushion at a scary bit on tv or are you so brave it doesn’t bother you?

I'm not too bad usually but I've definitely been known to throw my hands up to my face and peak through my fingers at times!

11. Would you spend a full night inside of a haunted house if someone paid you?

Yes! As long as some I knew (and trusted!) was there with me...

I tag Laura from Em & Me, Jo from Tea & Cake For The Soul, Joanna from Joanna Victoria, Ashley from Stumbling Through Wonderland, Laura from Loopy Lou Laura, Stephie from Colitis To Ostomy and Janine of Janine's Little World. I look forward to reading your answers!


  1. Thanks for tagging me. I will get into it shortly.

  2. Ohh! I think I am going to have to copy this and do it for myself. I do love a tag x